Friday, October 28, 2011

Heather King's PARTY on Saturday: 21 sleeps

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It's time to party with the KING!

An invitation from the KING:

YOU are invited! Bring your friends

Grand Opening of our New HeadQuarters!  
4872 Delta Street
Saturday, October 29th
3 - 5 pm

Come celebrate and enjoy G0-Go Sushi
with the KING!

Heather will be showing off her new headquarters just like a proud momma showing off her new baby!

It's her first ever campaign headquarters; it's definitely a reason to celebrate!

Saturday 4872 Delta Street from 3 - 5 PM

SMILE --  I'll be there with my camera and appetite!

Today was a stellar day in Heroland!
***I am soooo soooo sorry, I just hate bumping Robert down on my heroes list, but  today's heroes are so outstanding - Truly, I had no choice. 

Of course a box of chocolates would help. Trust me, Robert, I am open to bribes, but you better read the blog to make sure you get the right type of chocolates.

Today's first hero is Leah Bach! Check out her website.

Leah is a Twitter friend of Heather's (mind too) and a North Delta Realtor. 

She is also the host of North Delta Living on Delta TV!  I bet you are already a fan of hers!

Did you notice the rain today?

During the wettest, soggiest part of the day, Leah went knocking on doors with Heather in the Sunshine Hills area.  

The gals were soaked to the bone, but Leah's enthusiasm and humour keep Heather laughing and knocking! 

No wonder Heather's tweet today said, "My new best friend Leah Bach.... ! Who else would do this with me on a wet miserable day?"

Heather and Leah canvassing in the rain!
I think the blurry mark in the middle is a big fat raindrop.

Today "soggy Leah" received a bit of a treat. As a North Delta realtor she has sold many of the Sunshine Hills homes and today she got to reconnect with several old clients!

Lots of laughing and hugging!


Today's second hero is Mr. Brar, the owner of the Paradise Banquet Hall (read yesterday's blog). 

Mr. Brar has been trying unsuccessfully for three years to get a bylaw variance for his business's signage in North Delta (he should be a hero just for his persistence).

Totally frustrated, he got proactive:
  • He took a zillion or maybe two zillion photographs of signs on 120th Street in North Delta and
  • he asked Heather King to meet with him and Delta's Community Planning and Development Department (talk about wielding a big stick, Mr. Brar rocks).


    Happy ending...bring out the tissues

The meeting started at 4 PM and 45 minutes later everyone shook hands and left smiling! 

YUP, three years of frustrations got solved with 45 minutes of communication!

Preparation, communication, compromise and a willingness to cooperate - the four simple keys to their solution!

It's amazing what happens when all parties sit down and figure out what each other really wants and needs. 

As anyone who has ever paid a fortune in marriage counselling knows - communication is not to be overrated!

NOW Mr. Brar has the correct information to take to his sign designer. His designer will work within the specifics and provide 2 or 3 options for Mr. Brar to submit to council. 

It sounds like his three year struggle will soon be put to rest. I am looking forward to seeing his new sign!

My third hero is Thomas Leathem, Director of Delta's Community Planning and Development Department

My fourth hero is Marcy, Deputy Director of Delta's Community Planning and Development Department

Thomas and Marsha thank you for going the extra mile and working to resolve this conflict for Mr. Brar - you two are true heroes.....clap, clap, clap!  

Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Gives me warm fuzzies thinking about the next time (July 2012) I will have the privilege of paying my property taxes! 

In my books you two have earned your keep. Thanks for taking the sting out of writing that big, fat (gulp) cheque.

Of course my unsung hero is Heather King, my #1 hero # 1. 

Indulge me:
Heather thank you for going above and beyond for Mr. Brar. I am sure that your presence and input at the meeting was of a great comfort to him! 

Heck I felt better knowing you were going to help him out, just imagine how thrilled he was!
All Hail the KING. (Maybe a bit too far, but you get my point.)

Win-win once again!

Barb's Heroes List:

  1. Councillor Heather King, Mayor Candidate
  2. Neil Corbett , Council Candidate, Pop Quiz star
  3. Francis Van Roode, VP Sunfish
  4. Philip Raphael, Editor South Delta Leader & Pop Quiz #2 winner!
  5. Andrew Conley, Council Candidate
  6. Scott Broderick, Council Candidate & Pop Quiz #1: 1st place winner! 
  7. Cathie Goodman, Pop Quiz #1: 2nd place winner & SD Leader winner!
  8. Ladners Landing,  Pop Quiz #1: 3rd place winner
  9. Carroll Allan, School Board Trustee Candidate 
  10.  Ferd Lamens, Ambassadors Toastmaster & regular guy concerned about gas tax 
  11. Pam Noble Paton, for her family values and for standing by her man 
  12. Guest Blogger #1
  13. Sylvia Bishop, Council Candidate & Pop Quiz #6: 1st place winner 
  14. Bruce Doucette, Pop Quiz #6; 3rd place winner @
  15. Linda Chamaschuk, for her post to Ladners Landing's wall 
  16. Dr. Andy Basi, for being a true gentleman, School Board Trustee Candidate
  17. Karuna Jain, for all her behind the scenes help
  18. Ruth Katiagi, canvasser extraordinaire for Heather King For Mayor  (Week #1)
  19. Geoff for knowing he was right even when he was wrong! 
  20. Jean Pearce, for her community engagement by posting on Landers Landing FB
  21. Linda Pearce, for solving the sign mystery by positng on Landers Landing FB
  22. Laura, Heather King 4 Mayor volunteer and mom extraordinaire 
  23. Pam, most enthusiastic Heather King 4 Mayor volunteer
  24. Monica Sanderson, owner Its an Art Tattoo Studio 4868 Delta Street
  25. Aerock Shandler, owner Top Barber, 4868 Delta Street
  26. James Price Owner/operator Ladner Village Hardware, 4821 Delta Street
  27. Carey Muir, Founder & Co-director Freshwave Ministries 
  28. Louise Long, Canvasser of the week (Week #2)  
  29. Azhar Khan, Toastmaster BC Area 50 Governor -for his leadership initiative
  30. Alison Martin, Ambassadors Toastmasters of Tsawwassen VP of Publicity
  31. Leah Bach, North Delta Realtor and "soggy canvasser" for Heather 
  32. Mr. Harry Brar, owner Paradise Banquet Hall & Convention Centre
  33. Thomas Leathem, Director Community Planning and Development Department 
  34. Marcy, Deputy Director Community Planning and Development Department
  35. Councillor Robert Campbell (pending)
If you have a concern, contact Heather King.  Her information is at the top of the page. She WANTS to talk to you.


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